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Trump Makes Extreme Debate Statements, Curbelo Endorses Them with his Record

Miami, FL – Last night Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the final presidential debate of the election cycle. While Hillary Clinton laid out her plan to grow the American economy, fix our broken immigration system and ensure equal rights for all people, Donald Trump proved once again why he is the wrong choice for the country.  Although vulnerable Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo tries to distance himself from Trump, there are clear similarities between Trump’s debate statements and Curbelo’s record. Continue reading

Major Nonpartisan LGBTQ Organization, SAVE, Proudly Recommends Joe Garcia for Congress

Miami, FL—One of Florida’s leading nonpartisan LGBTQ rights organizations has proudly chosen former Congressman Joe Garcia as the right person to represent Florida’s 26th Congressional District for his work advocating for equality. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Endorses Joe Garcia for Congress in FL-26

Miami, FL - Today, Planned Parenthood announced its support for Joe Garcia in Florida's 26th district, a key swing district in the fight for control of Congress. Garcia has a long record of support for reproductive freedom and women's healthcare, receiving a perfect 100% score from NARAL Pro-Choice America. Garcia fought at every turn to support Obamacare to ensure women would not be overcharged for healthcare services solely because of their gender. Continue reading

South Florida Activists Protest Campaign Visit by Paul Ryan for Vulnerable Republican Congressman, Carlos Curbelo

Miami, FL- Today, the Joe Garcia campaign, Florida Democratic Party and dozens of South Florida community activists protested the visit of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan at the office of Rep. Carlos Curbelo. Speaker Ryan’s visit is an attempt to offer support to vulnerable Republican leader, Congressman Curbelo who is losing to former Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia according to the most recent poll. Continue reading

Joe Garcia Stands Out as the Clear Winner in the Hometown! Key West Candidate Forum

Miami, FL- Today, former Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia faced off against Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo at the Hometown! Key West Candidate Forum. In his winning performance, Garcia called out Curbelo for voting in favor of Donald Trump’s extreme agenda. Garcia also highlighted the issues he has advocated for, while his opponent has worked against them—such as a woman’s right to choose, equal pay for equal work and clean water. Continue reading

Donald Trump Hides His Taxes, Carlos Curbelo Hides His Lobbying Clients

Miami, FL—The Republican Party’s standard-bearer, Donald Trump, has been under fire recently for refusing to release his tax returns during his bid for the U.S. presidency. Recent reports have suggested Trump might have not paid any federal income taxes from 1995 to 2013. Like the leader of his party, Carlos Curbelo is also keeping secrets, particularly the client list for his lobbying firm, Capitol Gains LLC. Continue reading

Week in Review: Joe Garcia Delivers Winning Debate Performance, Joins Hillary Clinton and Al Gore for Environmental Rally, Celebrated Birthday with Family and Supporters, and Attends Series of Community Forums

This week, former Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia debated Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo in the first debate of the CD26 general election. The debate took place at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, the alma mater of Garcia, Curbelo and moderator Tom Llamas of ABC News. At the debate, Garcia laid out his plans for South Florida’s future while pointing out that Carlos Curbelo's record consistently matches Donald Trump's extreme rhetoric. Garcia also discussed the necessity for comprehensive immigration reform, affordable college education and a rational foreign policy. Continue reading

Joe Garcia, Sierra Club and South Florida Environmental Community Call Out Curbelo for Putting Biscayne Bay at Risk

Miami, FL—Today, former Congressman Joe Garcia, Sierra Club Florida Chairman Mark Walters, former Miami-Dade Commissioner and former Florida Secretary of Commerce Charles Dusseau, and local environmental activists held a press conference to call out Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo for trying to hand over control of a vital marine preserve in Biscayne National Park to Governor Rick Scott.  Continue reading

Joe Garcia Discusses Agriculture Policy During South Florida Tropical Fruit Growers Forum, Carlos Curbelo Skips Second Candidate Forum of the Day

Miami, FL- Today, former Congressman Joe Garcia spoke to the members of the South Florida Tropical Fruit Growers during a Congressional Candidate forum covering a wide range of Agriculture policies.  Garcia’s Republican opponent, Congressman Carlos Curbelo chose to skip the event.   Continue reading

Joe Garcia Walks Away with Victory in First Head-to-Head Congressional Debate

Miami, FL- Today, former Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia walked away with a victory against Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo in the first head-to-head debate of the contest for the 26th Congressional District of Florida. The debate took place at the alma mater of both Garcia and Curbelo, and was moderated by fellow Belen alum and CBS News Anchor Tom Llamas. Continue reading
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