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Carlos Curbelo has Zika Photo Op with Rick Scott but Proposes No New Funding

Miami, FL- Republican Rep. Carlos Cubelo joins Florida Governor and Donald Trump darling Rick Scott during Scott’s visit to Washington to request federal funding to fight the Zika Virus. Meanwhile, Curbelo doubled down on his attempts to divert money currently used to fight other harmful diseases instead of standing up to his party’s leadership and pushing for new funding to adequately combat the virus.

“Photo ops won’t fix the problems facing South Florida,” said Joe Garcia, Candidate for Florida’s 26th Congressional District. “Instead of cozying up to extremists like Rick Scott who have failed Floridians on Medicaid expansion, education funding, and the environment, Curbelo should challenge his party and push for new funding to fight this very serious public health threat.”

South Florida is facing a serious challenge. It is one of the most at-risk communities for Zika infections in the entire country due to its fame as a popular international travel destination. It is also a highly diverse community that welcomes migrants from all parts of the world, including some of the most exposed areas like Puerto RicoNew cases of Zika infections have already hit Miami-Dade, the largest county in the state, and without new emergency funding the situation could take a turn for the worst.

Carlos Curbelo is known for saying one thing in South Florida while voting the opposite in Washington. The Republican Rep. was silent when Scott refused to expand Medicaid in Florida, leaving 800,000 Floridians without access to necessary health care coverage. Instead, Curbelo provided cover for the Governor by asking the federal government to provide emergency funding rather than calling the members of his own party out. It comes as no surprise then that Mr. Curbelo chose a photo op over pushing House Speaker Paul Ryan to stop stalling President Obama’s funding request.

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