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Carlos Curbelo’s Voting Record: Trick or Treat?

Miami, FL—Halloween is the holiday of scares and frights, and there are few things scarier for South Florida families than the voting record of Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo. Curbelo went to Washington and has made the lives of seniors, students, women and all South Floridians a real scream.


Carlos Curbelo keeps his lobbying client list a secret while he continues to cast scary votes in Congress

Carlos Curbelo has a wicked record when it comes to serving South Florida.

HORRIFIC: During a private Republican meeting, Curbelo called Social Security a Ponzi scheme just like Donald Trump, and called Medicare a Ponzi scheme too.

SHADOWY: Instead of releasing his list of lobbying clients, Curbelo transferred the ownership of his lobbying firm to his wife to avoid federal disclosure laws. Although voters and the media have continuously asked Curbelo to release his client list, he still refuses to do it.

DARK: Curbelo wanted rape survivors to undergo a 48-hour waiting period and mandatory counseling before they could exercise their rights over their own bodies.

COLD BLOODED: Curbelo has voted against background checks on gun purchases, voted to relaxed gun restrictions and even voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy assault rifles. The day after the Pulse nightclub shooting Curbelo went on radio to say that focusing on gun violence didn’t make sense.

CRUEL: Curbelo voted 7 times to rollback and repeal Obamacare, replacing it with nothing—which would have resulted in 20 million people without healthcare and a return to a system that charges women more than men and discriminates against people with preexisting conditions.

HORRIFIC: Curbelo voted to cut Pell Grants by $84 billion, despite the fact 31,000 students from the district count on the assistance to go to college.


On the other hand, Joe Garcia has delivered real treats to the people of CD26:

Garcia successfully cut student loan rates, which have since dropped to their lowest point in 10 years.

Garcia secured $200 million for everglades restoration and an additional $2 million in funding for water quality improvements.

Garcia was the sponsor of the last bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill to be filed in the House. When the Republican leadership refused to hold a vote on the bill, Garcia led a group of Democratic lawmakers in asking President Obama to take action, which he did in the form of DAPA.

Garcia helped pass bipartisan legislation through the House to ensure people would not see their healthcare plans cancelled in 2014 and could keep their existing healthcare plans. He helped persuade the Administration to take administrative action towards this end.

Garcia helped pass the bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which helps reduce domestic violence, improves how we treat victims of rape, and extends protections to Native American women and members of the LGBT community.

When Florida’s federal flood insurance rates skyrocketed, Garcia helped pass bipartisan legislation to reverse rate increases, saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

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