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Joe Garcia has been fighting for Democrats and progressive causes in Miami his entire career. Joe Garcia was the first Hispanic Democrat ever elected to US Congress from Florida, and still remains the only Florida Democrat to ever hold that office. Joe served as the chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee, and was appointed by the Obama administration to serve in the Department of Energy.

As a Congressman, Joe always fought for Democratic and progressive causes, helping to secure wins for South Floridians in immigration reform, pocketbook issues like flood insurance and student loan reductions, and delivered millions in federal investment to protect and preserve our environment and provide South Florida families resources they need to earn an honest wage for their efforts.

Justice Reform

In order for our community to move forward and make our communities more safe, we need a fair justice system that works for everyone. When someone pays the price for a non-violent crime they committed, we need to give them the opportunity to find a job and provide for themselves -- as opposed to remaining on government assistance or returning to crime. When we give people a path to rehabilitation, their lives improve and everyone becomes safer. Continue reading

Immigration Reform

Joe Garcia is a leader on immigration reform. He was the lead sponsor of the only bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress in the last 4 years, and as Congressman worked hard to stop deportations that broke up families in South Florida. More than 50% of our small businesses in South Florida are owned by immigrants. Passing comprehensive immigration reform means more people can start small businesses and grow our economy. When anti-immigrant Republicans blocked his bill, Joe worked closely with President Obama on Executive Actions to implement elements of his bill that would protect families from cruel deportations.  In Congress, Joe will work to make the President’s actions permanent.

Ending Gun Violence

In Congress, the special interest gun-lobby, the NRA awarded Joe Garcia a grade of “F”, and Joe could not have been prouder. Republicans in Congress today have done nothing to stop gun violence, and even refused to consider a law to prevent people on the suspected terrorist no-fly list from buying guns. Joe will fight to expand background checks, stop the sale of large capacity magazines, and bring sanity back to our gun laws.

The Environment

Joe Garcia has always been a strident supporter of our natural treasures. He grew up fishing in Biscayne Bay and in Congress he worked to secure millions of dollars for Everglades restoration and for a vital Keys water quality project. Joe opposes offshore oil-drilling and fracking, and will fight to strengthen EPA laws that prevent environmental damage. Joe has been largely recognized as an environmental champion, receiving environmental endorsements from organizations like the League of Conservation voters for standing up for the environment in Congress.

Respect in Politics

The Republican campaign for president this year has been marred by misogynist and racist comments. Our strength as a nation has always been our acceptance of other cultures, our tolerance for differing viewpoints, and our faith in the future. Joe Garcia will stand up to sexism and racism, and he will conduct a campaign that brings us together.


Joe Garcia has worked tirelessly to bring jobs to South Florida. He supports increasing the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, and in Congress voted for the fair pay act that prohibits wage discrimination based on gender. Joe successfully won millions of dollars for job training in South Florida, so Floridians could get good paying jobs and grow our economy.


We should strengthen Social Security and Medicare, not weaken it. Joe Garcia will fight Republican proposals to privatize these programs, and make sure that we don’t balance the budget on the backs of seniors. In Congress he worked to protect seniors from identity theft, and sponsored legislation to give senior entrepreneurs grants, resources and training to start successful businesses that help grow our economy.

Flood Insurance

When flood insurance rates skyrocketed in Florida, Joe Garcia went to work. As an original co-sponsor of the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act, he got the bill passed by Congress, and won a cap on how much insurance companies can charge. He also won refunds for homeowners who had been overcharged be refunded.  The caps saved homeowners millions and helped the real estate market rebound, resulting in thousands of jobs for South Florida.

College Affordability and Education

Every American who has the grades should be able to go to college, and not be buried in debt. In Congress Joe Garcia passed legislation to reduce student loan rates by almost 50%. When right-wing Republicans tried to cut funding to Pell Grants for students, Joe fought them and won. Today, Joe supports President Obama’s tuition free community college plan and will fight for it in Congress.

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