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Joe Garcia Calls Out Curbelo for Trying to Pander on Gun Control During Election Year


Miami, FL- Today, vulnerable Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo once again panders to the voters of his Democratic leaning district in order to save himself this election year. Curbelo files a gun control bill after having spent years protecting gun lobby interests, and even voting against the policy he now claims to support when it was proposed following the San Bernardino shooting.

Curbelo introduces this bill only 11 days after going on radio to say new gun laws don't "make sense" in response to the Orlando tragedy, only 10 days after saying gun control would not stop terrorist attacks and only 2 days after proudly endorsing Marco Rubio and his anti-gun reform platform. Had he supported this and other measures, like universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons, things might be different today. 

“I am committed to protecting all people from the dangers of gun violence,” said Joe Garcia, candidate for Florida’s 26thCongressional District. “Unlike Curbelo, I have always supported sensible gun laws that keep our communities safe.” 

Curbelo’s change of heart comes after Congressional Republicans faced harsh criticism for refusing to vote for tighter gun laws. Thankfully for Curbelo, his good friend Speaker Paul Ryan has no intention of bringing gun control up for a vote. Allowing Curbelo to make dishonest gestures on so many issues must be why he says he is “always all-in for Paul Ryan.”

“It’s clear that Curbelo is willing to deceive every voter in the district if it means his reelection,” said Javier Hernandez, spokesperson for Joe Garcia's campaign. “After taking thousands of dollars in NRA and gun lobby donations, Curbelo introduces a measure that will go nowhere and he himself has voted against in an attempt to mislead South Florida voters." 

Curbelo has received over $14,000 from the gun lobby and has near perfect scores with both the NRA and Gun Owners of America. As a member of the School Board, Curbelo called legislation to keep guns out of classrooms a “waste of political capital.”  In Congress, Curbelo voted to allow members of terrorist watch lists to buy assault rifles, the same measure he now wants to take credit for.

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