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Joe Garcia Issues Statement on Republicans' Refusal to Keep Guns Out of Terrorist Hands


Miami, FL- Former Congressman Joe Garcia issued a statement on the Senate’s failure to pass measures that would keep guns out of terrorist hands by expanding background checks and banning firearm sales to individuals on terrorist watch lists

“Tonight Republicans chose to side with the NRA and the gun lobby instead of the American people,” said Joe Garcia, candidate for Florida’s 26th Congressional District. “The overwhelming majority of Americans support sensible gun laws, but Republicans in Congress would rather ignore the lessons of Orlando, Sandy Hook, Blacksburg, Aurora, and Charleston in order to keep special interests happy.”

 Currently, 80% of Americans are in favor of banning firearm sales to suspected terrorists and 92% support universal background checks for gun purchases. 

Garcia’s Republican opponent Carlos Curbelo quickly dismissed the need for such measures after Orlando’s tragic mass shooting, saying it doesn’t “make sense” to consider new gun laws. In Congress Curbelo also voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy assault rifles. As a member of the School Board Curbelo even called legislation to keep guns out of classrooms a “waste of political capital.” It’s no surprise that he has received over $14,000 from the gun lobby and has a near perfect scores with both the NRA and Gun Owners of America.

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