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Week in Review: Joe Garcia Campaign Outreach Efforts Kick into High Gear

This week, Joe Garcia, candidate for Florida’s 26th Congressional District, spent time connecting with voters, community leaders and speaking to the issues that matter to South Floridians.  

Earlier in the week, Joe Garcia attended the South Dade Association of Pastors of Churches meeting in Homestead to speak with local faith leaders about ways to make positive change in the lives of each one of their members. Garcia also spent time touring South Dade small businesses and talking to business owners about how to best expand on the area’s promising growth. 



Joe Garcia appeared on Spanish language network show Arrebatados on America TeVe to talk about his upcoming minimum wage challenge. He spoke on the need to highlight the hardships faced by hardworking Floridians every day in which our leaders refuse to accept a $15 minimum wage. He also spoke about the need for investments in South Florida, on all levels—whether it be on infrastructure so that our community has a transportation system that works, or on human capital so that South Florida has the health care and jobs that will put more money right back into our local economy.


Throughout the week, Joe Garcia teamed up with volunteers to take his message of community unity directly to voters’ doorsteps. Joined by members of Team Joe, Garcia walked neighborhoods and shared his track record of delivering for the people of his district on everything from passing student loan legislation that led to their lowest interest rates in ten year, to standing up to Republican attacks on Obamacare so every family can have access to quality health care.



For one of the most important events from the weekend, Regina Talabert, mother of slain 17-year-old Noricia Talabert, held an anti-gun violence rally to say enough is enough, and address the crisis that has cost the community so many young lives in recent years. Joe Garcia joined Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace, Vice Mayor Sharon Butler, City Commissioner Avis Brown, Miami Dade County Commissioner Dennis Moss and Pastor Chauncey Brown in honoring Noricia Talabert’s passing and in calling for sensible gun laws and more community programs to stop the violent trend.


Joe Garcia also attended a prayer breakfast alongside Florida City pastors and elected officials in honor of Pastor Curtis Thomas. He also visited the Haitian Flag Day Festival in the city of Homestead to celebrate South Dade’s rich Haitian culture.

“This week was about sharing our track record with the community, but also about listening,” said Joe Garcia. “I listened to concerns about gun violence, about access to health care for all and about making meaningful invests in small businesses and our workforce. I worked hard to give this community a voice while I was in Congress. I am proud to have cut student loan rates for our students; proud to have worked to protect and improve Obamacare while Republicans were trying to strip people of their healthcare; and proud to have secured funding for job corps programs right here at home.” 

Joe Garcia closed out the week by joining pastors from all across South Dade for a Unity Gathering at Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church. After the church service, he spoke with pastors about how to best work together to address the concerns residents had shared throughout the week.

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