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Week in Review: Joe Garcia Marches for Worker’s Rights, Attends Gun Violence Vigil, Delivers Winning Candidate Forum Performance and Welcomes the Clinton/Kaine Ticket to South Florida

Last week, Joe Garcia joined South Florida workers to march against unfair labor practices by a contractor in Miami International Airport (MIA). He attended a South Dade vigil calling for an end to gun violence in our communities. Garcia also delivered a winning performance at a Kendall candidate forum against his primary opponent. Later in the week, he joined Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine for their debut as presidential running mates at FIU. Plus, more conversations with voters!

On Monday, Garcia continued to build on his recent 5,000 door milestone by walking even more neighborhoods and having more conversations with the community. Garcia spoke to voters about his successes in Congress on behalf of South Florida families, and even kissed a baby! 

 Garcia with Fabiana, one of FL26’s cutest babies

On Tuesday, Garcia took part in the Kendall Federation of Homeowners Association's Candidate Forum, delivering a winning performance against his Democratic primary opponent. While his opponent stuck to Republican talking points meant to drum up fake scandals, Garcia spoke to his record of service to the people of District 26. Garcia refused to respond to his opponent’s negative tactics, instead talking about his work to strengthen Obamacare, protect the environment and make college more affordable. 


Joe Garcia delivering a winning candidate forum performance / Photo by Miami Herald

Wednesday, Garcia joined Felix Guillermo, Enrique Patterson and Anthony Verdugo on America TeVe’s Preparen Apunten Voten to talk about the chaos of the Republican National Convention. In the discussion, Garcia contrasted Trump’s string of highly publicized gaffes to Hillary Clinton’s clear and focused message since securing the Democratic nomination.


Joe Garcia discussing national politics with Enrique Patterson, Felix Guillermo and Anthony Verdugo

On Thursday, Garcia marched for worker's rights at MIA alongside SEIU and employees of Triangle Services, an airport contractor accused of unfair labor practices. In his speech to demonstrators Garcia called MIA the economic engine of our community, emphasizing how its success depends on a productive workforce whose rights and benefits are respected.  



Joe Garcia showing solidarity with airport workers in their call for fair treatment 

Garcia also attended an anti-gun violence vigil hosted by Mothers Fighting for Justice in honor of De'Michael Dukes, a young man who was tragically killed by a stray bullet in 2014. After De’Michael’s death, his Mother Romania Dukes organized other mother who lost sons and daughters to gun violence in order to prevent similar tragedy from hurting other families. The group was joined by Miami Dade Police Chief Juan Perez, County Commissioner Dennis Moss as well as State Rep. Kionne McGhee and State Senator Dwight Bullard.


Joe Garcia standing to the right of Miami Dade Police Chief Juan Perez 

​Community members gather at the vigil in Goulds, FL to call for an end to gun violence

Friday, Garcia joined Julio Cesar Camacho on Actualidad Radio to recap the workers’ demonstration at MIA and to talk about the need for sensible gun reform and stronger environmental safeguards in South Florida. Garcia then hit the pavement to walk more neighborhoods and share his vision for improving the lives of South Florida families. Garcia highlighted his success in securing $200 million for Everglades restoration and water quality improvements, and in voting to protect and improve Obamacare.  


Saturday, Garcia attended the very first Hillary Clinton rally since having declared Tim Kaine as her vice-presidential running mate. Member of Team Joe were also in attendance to sign up volunteers and show support for the Democratic nominees. 



Team Joe members Alvaro, Grace, Elizabeth and Nick showing support for Garcia and Hillary Clinton

Garcia closed out the week in his typical fashion: church service. This Sunday Garcia attended St. Peters Missionary Baptist Church to witness the sermon of Pastor Robert Brooks in the company of Romania Dukes and Mothers Fighting for Justice.


Joe Garcia with Pastor Robert Brooks and Mothers Fighting for Justice 

“You can feel South Floridians coming together more each day to take on the problems facing our community,” said Joe Garcia, Candidate for Florida’s 26th Congressional District. “On all the important issues—whether it’s protecting worker's rights, fighting for gun reform or safeguarding our environment—I share the community’s commitment to achieving real solutions.”

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