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Week in Review: Joe Garcia Rallies Supporters in Key West, Provides Media Commentary throughout DNC Convention and Kicks Off 30-Day Push Towards Election Day

Last week, Joe Garcia went down to Key West for a day full of canvassing and meetings with supporters, provided TV and Radio analysis throughout the Democratic National Convention and geared up for the final 30-day push leading up to the August 30th Primary Election.

On Monday, Joe sat down with Maria Elvira Salazar, Mario Andres Moreno and Rudy Fernandez on Mega TV to recap the events of day 1 at the Democratic National Convention. Joe stated he expected the Democratic Convention to have a much more positive tone than its Republican counterpart, as well as a more unified party by the conclusion of the event.


Joe with Maria Elvira Salazar, Mario Andres Moreno and Rudy Fernandez

On Tuesday, Joe called out state regulators and corporatepolluters over new water quality standards that allow more toxic chemicals to be dumped in Florida’s waters. He later spoke with Oscar Haza on Mega TV about the impact of Monday night’s Democratic Convention speeches, including an especially moving speech by First Lady Michelle Obama


Joe with Ana Rivas Logan, Oscar Haza and Robert McCullough 

Wednesday, Joe spoke with Julio Cesar Camacho on Venezuela TV about the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency, likening the Republican candidate’s rise to that of former Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez. Later on, Joe spoke with Pedro Sevcec and pointed out how, despite spending decades in the public eye, Hillary Clinton is relatively unknown on a personal level to most Americans and how many speakers did a fantastic job at humanizing Secretary Clinton.


Joe with Pedro Sevcec 

Thursday, Joe attended the Richmond Heights Alliance meeting to discuss gun violence and other pressing issues facing the South Dade community. Later on, Joe took some time out from knocking on doors to speak with Carlos Cataño on Actualidad Radio. He spoke to Cataño about his record of service to South Florida families, then went back to speaking to voters at the doors. He then Attended a watch party in Homestead for the final day of the Democratic Convention alongside fellow Democrats.



Friday, Joe spoke to Bernadette Pardo on Radio Mambi and Julio Cesar Camacho on Actualidad Radio regarding his thoughts on the full Democratic National Convention. Joe spoke about the significance of Secretary Clinton’s nomination for his daughter Gabi and for women all across America. He also spoke about President Barack Obama’s powerful call to action during his convention speech and about the impact that Obama’s full hearted effort to elect Hillary Clinton will have on the race. Then, more canvassing!


Saturday, Joe and members of Team Joe drove down to Key West to walk its neighborhoods and talk to voters about Joe’s successes at lowering flood insurance rates, protecting Obamacare and securing millions to improve water quality in the Keys.



Joe also met with dozens of supporters during a meet-up in El Siboney Restaurant in Key West. Attendees spoke to Joe about their concerns and discussed solutions for problems facing the community.


On Sunday, Joe attended church service in South Dade, visiting Judah Cristian Center, New Bethel AME, Church of Christ Written in Heaven, and Grace Empowerment Fellowship Baptist Church.


Joe then joined volunteers in campaign HQ to kick off a phone bank and canvassing event. This phone bank and cavass was the first of many grassroots events leading up to the August 30th Democratic Primary.


“We’re excited to see the work we’ve done for the past 6 months come to fruition,” said Joe Garcia. “Thanks to our team of dedicated volunteers we expect to turn the thousands of great conversations we have had at doors and on the phone into enough votes to win on Election Day.”

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