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Week in Review: Joe Garcia Receives Miami Herald Endorsement, Outshines Primary Opponent in English and Spanish Debates, Is Honored by Coalition of Venezuelan Groups and Greets Voters at the Polls During Early Voting

Last week, former Congressman Joe Garcia received the endorsement of the Miami Herald. He also faced off against his primary opponent in the only two televised debates before the primary election on August 30th . He was then honored by a coalition of local Venezuelan groups during a breakfast in Kendall. Garcia spent much of the week speaking to voters at polling sites and at the doors during the first week of early voting.

Monday officially marked the beginning of early voting in Miami Dade and Monroe County. Joe Garcia visited early voting sites throughout the district and asked voters for the opportunity to be their voice in Congress. He then appeared on El Venezolano TV with Carlos Pereira to urge voters to head to the polls.


On Monday night Garcia faced off against his primary opponent in a Spanish language televised debate on America Tevé. During the debate, Garcia focused on the issues that matter to South Floridians, like expanding the economy, making college more affordable and immigration reform. Meanwhile, his opponent presented more of the same insult politics her Republican-advised campaign has been known for.


On Tuesday, the Miami Herald endorsed Garcia in his Democratic primary because of his long history of fighting for the people of District 26. In their endorsement, The Herald cited Garcia’s leadership in Congress and called him “a committed fighter for his constituents.”

Later on Tuesday, Garcia spoke with Yatzu Lopez and Jose Pernalete on El Venezolano TV about his vision for South Florida.


Garcia continued knocking on doors throughout the week, talking with voters about the issues and asking them for their support.


On Thursday, Garcia sat down with Mario Andres Moreno and Maria Elvira Salazaron Mega TV and talked about the grassroots focus of his campaign, which has resulted in thousands of conversations with voters. Garcia’s primary opponent was also invited to the program for a debate, but refused. 


On Friday Garcia continued walking neighborhoods, meeting families and sharing his record of accomplishments for South Florida, like defending Obamacare from Republican attacks, lowering student loans rates and securing $200 million for everglades restoration.


Last week former Islamorada Mayor Ted Blackburn went to the presses to vouch for Garcia’s proven ability to deliver for the people of the Florida Keys. In a letter to the editor, Blackburn wrote about Garcia’s work on a major water project in the Keys and his willingness to work with the fishing community to help the local economy.

On Saturday Garcia was honored by a coalition of immigration groups during a breakfast event in Kendall. The event was organized by the Venezuelan Political Prisoners in Exile (VEPPEX). Other attendees included members of Venezuelans of Kendall, the Venezuelan Democratic Club and Se Habla Venezuela. VEPPEX President Jose Antonio Colina and Venezuelan Democratic Club President Carlos Pereiraexpressed their support for Garcia because of his work in Congress to help South Florida’s Venezuelan community. Garcia also participated in a Q&A with the attendees.



Sunday, Garcia debated his primary opponent once again. This time, on Local 10’s This Week in South Florida with Michael Putney. During the only English televised debate of the Democratic primary, Garcia spoke about moving our economy forward in ways that create jobs, protect our environment and make college more affordable. His opponent, refusing to move away from her Republican consultant’s strategy, continued using smear tactics to confuse voters. 


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